Just realised I have no problem arguing or answering back to the man who haunted my childhood. Not a single part of me fears him anymore. That’s gotta count for something. 

BANKS – London EP

I’m finding it difficult to find words to explain the beauty of this EP. This is a first for me. I fell in love with Banks when I accidentally came across  ‘Before I Ever Met You’ and ‘Fall Over’ on one of my YouTube hunts in March. Her music is interesting, with hypnotic vocals and an electronic backing – with a strong link to artists such as Fiona Apple, the music draws you in with its melancholy vibe. September 10th saw the release of her EP ‘London’ on iTunes and from first listen, the  progression and experience in the music industry is so profoundly evident from this new release by the LA-based artist. The first track, ‘Waiting Game’ is a raw exposition of a love that is going nowhere, she contemplates her feelings and over-thinks the relationship, she croons “lately I’ve been scared of even thinkin’ bout where we are” – something that 90% of the population can relate to.
The EP itself almost has a narrative structure, each song linking to the confused emotions she feels towards a lover; in Bedroom Wall Banks is repeatedly crooning “Do I have to write it on your bedroom wall, you fool?” to a man who seems to underestimate her feelings. Followed by Change which has a much more bitter tone, where it seems she has come to a realization that she is in a dysfunctional relationship with a man that does not appreciate her. 


And finally, This Is What It Feels Like, produced by equally talented names such as Lil Silva and Jamie Woon is continuously being aired on renowned radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1 Extra, with tweets posted all over Twitter with the hashtag #NowPlaying. Banks stands out from the crowd and her work is exceptional because she is embracing a darker and deeper world of r&b and electronica, with interwoven lyrics which are so exposed that is it almost uncomfortable. The truth of her music relates to an expanding audience, which grows larger and larger by the day. 

I definitely recommend this EP, and her previous work, Banks has never failed to surprise me with the quality of music and I cannot wait for her future projects. Check it out! 

Fuck a fake friend, where your real friends at?

Alot of the time I feel like a total schmuck. I’m gonna just put that out there, maybe 85% of the time I feel like utter shite. It’s easy to hide. Crack a smile here and there, laugh at a few jokes, no one really notices because no one really cares, right? It’s only your closest friends who notice the difference in you. 
Lately…even they’ve stopped noticing. And I don’t even know what I feel low about anymore. Is that weird? It’s gotta be. You know those friends who you think it’s okay to open up to… and you finally say some of the stuff that’s on your mind and then they go “…Oh I know how you feel, THIS has been happening to ME, and THAT has been happening to ME..” and they basically just rant about themselves and you feel like shooting yourself in the head because every person in this world is self absorbed without even realizing it. 
I totally get that maybe they have their own issues too, I’m not the only one with problems ofcourse I’m not, but, holy shit…everyone is such a piss off. 

Basically, the picture sums it up. If you don’t have to rely on other people, don’t. Be there for your friends and most of the time they’ll be there for you too; but just in case they’re not, always be ready to pick yourself back up from the floor. Most of the time you are your own problem anyway, so only you can be the solution.